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Maine II

Corea has become a lively community of intellectuals & artists. Marsden Hartley is in residence & appears in this reel. Mabel & Ruth have bought adjoining lots on the water; Ruth is having a cabin built. Two local young women, Louise Z. Young and Miriam Colwell, have become warm friends with Ruth, Chennie, and Mabel.

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Maine III

After Mabel’s death, Ruth sold a parcel of Mabel’s land to the Lord family which features in this reel as do several summer neighbors, and Mimi and Chennie, now a couple. Wonderful footage of the Ellsworth Falls archaeological dig, too.

World’s Fair & Jones Beach, c. 1939

Ruth Storm’s 1939 World’s Fair footage includes construction footage shot before the fair opened as well as a visit to Jones Beach, which also opened in 1939.

World’s Fair, c. 1964

World’s Fair, 1964, including a glimpse of Storm herself and several of her last lover Almeda “Meda” Benoit

Greater New York, 1937-1941

Storm took full advantage of the roads & bridges built by Robert Moses that appear in this reel. She had a summer place upstate and friends & family as well, and she also managed to film the 1937 Chinese Boycott March.