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[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 9

no date Baheue Yadata Man in white Ethiopian type dress -w/ G. -Davis Dr.? when – not sure -maybe 66’ X-mas 67’ Susan + Linda dancing great hat! Really getting down!

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 10

Riding The Dodge Motor Home – Bar Harbor “Riding the Dodge Motor Home” [no date] Aug. 1967 “Bar Harbour” Picnic with Joe Eleris. Smiths from Lock Haven, The Beutels, -[illegible] Martha Bill BIA, College + Main Thunder Hole Park Loop –

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 11

Nova Scotia – Tree harvesting 1967 [August] Nova Scotia – Tree Roy Strong – Pipes trip home – camping Gladys, LaFlammes (Corda, Ken, Mauries, [illegible] on beach bag pipe parade w/ children Kids swimming in Antigonish man – playing bag pipes

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 12

Lane Tote Gate – Xmas 1968 – Church riding 3 wheel cart snow – Jo Lane with Susie church Orono Universal Fellowship good picture of Christmas – 1968 – Grandma Hunter Susan giving out gifts Need to resplice to take out bad tape.

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 14

June 1969 May 1968 – home for Easter vacation Davis Dr- G. + Bill? + Linda getting in car Penob. River? – dam Lou Parlin S.C.S. men. fishing – don’t know where 7 men canoeing upstream

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 15

more canoeing / fishing looks like same place as 15 + same men camping S.C.S. men Lou Parlin, Bob Fish display 1 – teepee Clearing brush for canoes with ropes and letting canoe go down white water on ropes

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 16

Skiing – Nancy – El – BJ., Ice fishing. Skiing Nancy + El at Squaw (filming on skis?- Walter Yes! (not sure who or where) Lot dog guy – El Skiing wearing a tie and crew cut – Nancy Susan – snow on Davis Dr. Gladys – the house two very little children ? not

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[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 1

Amateur footage. Viewing notes as follows (reel numbers are NHF-assigned). 1. (1961) Veazie snow scene. Volkswagen (VW) under snow. Dog named Tick. Christmas. Doing the twist (dancing).

[Gladys Steputis–home movies] Reel 2

Picnic – CC – Grubb Long Thompson Island picnic Grubbs – Nancy Susan, Linda – Sand Beach, Thunderhole – Cadilac + 4 islands (Porcupines, Bar) Susan doing laundry SCS men at work – Walter digging hole Larry Long helping