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Archiving Separatism

While lesbians shot home movies and amateur films well before Stonewall, the idea that making sexual identity public was essential to winning civil rights changed filming friends and lovers into a radical act, altered the way participants behaved in front of a camera, and changed what the women behind the cameras shot. For lesbians the

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Death Comes to the Archive

Archives grow from what elders preserve and death releases, and winters hit the aged hard.  It’s a plain truth no one can celebrate. This polar-vortex winter has been stringent, even in the south, and as 2017 turned into 2018 three women who appear in Lesbian Home Movie Project collections died — ally Barbara Ann Davis

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Reading Lips, Keeping Secrets

By Sharon Thompson, Executive Director, Lesbian Home Movie Project Lesbian Home Movie Project (LHMP) is nosy. We won’t take footage unless the possessor agrees to help us document it. And we don’t just ask for the meat and potatoes of moving-image archives, dates and locations. We ask what was happening when the footage was captured.

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